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Profile of Scottish History Online

What I have tried to do with Scottish History Online & Pictish Pages is to open up my own interests in the Picts and Scots History to everyone. Although born in Edinburgh, my family roots are in Aberdeenshire, where I have lived and worked for the past 21 Years and through the rich culture of the Shire, this has inspired my interest in the Pict's and Scots History. Living in what is regarded as the 'Heartland of the Picts', which supports over 70 of the 200 carved stones and slabs known, 90 Recumbent Stone Circles, and numerous Burial Cairns, gives you an easy access to these Neolithic sites which date back over 4,000 years.

However! the Picts are only part of my interest, as not only does Aberdeenshire support the 'Stones' but also a wide and varied history in its Towns, Villages, Castles and other historical structures scattered throughout the North East of Scotland. Some of these will also be included in 'Scottish History Online & Pictish Pages' to give you a flavour of the region, its primarily Fishing and Farming Communities, the 'Doric' language and introduce other areas throughout Scotland.

The site is in its infancy, but hopefully your valued participation, either Photographic, Text or with Ideas on the sites development, will allow the 'Scottish History Online & Pictish Pages' to expand its content. I feel that to have others views on the Picts and Scots History will allow the site to have a more interesting and expanding content.


John A. Duncan of Sketraw FSA Scot.




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