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The Scottish History Club was originally formed during 2001 to allow visitors who have a serious interest in Scottish History to be able to interact with each other and share their knowledge, research, theories, photographs and general enthusiasm for Scottish History with others within a Web Site that is ‘password protected’. Although the contents of the Club Web Site, is in the process of being changed to give a wider variety (as originally it was based on Scottish Prehistory), it does rely heavily on member’s input and participation.  

The Club has basically has two elements the Club Community and club website how to join and further details are at the foot of the page. The Communities are by far more interactive with the ability to post your own Images, contributions and have online discussions with other members, whether in the chat room or posted up on the site. All three can be joined separately but we would prefer you joined at least the 'Club Website' and one of the 'Communities' The Website is used for posting members activities, along with any larger pictures, research, information, news, articles and the club members list.

It must be pointed that this is a ‘Scottish History Site’ and does not really cater for those that are interested in tracing their ’Family Origins’ for that you really need to join a ‘Genealogy Club’ but if your interested in the ’History of Scotland’ and want to learn more and discuss it with others. As sometimes having a passionate interest in a particular subject can be a bit ‘remote’ and heavy going on your own. We do hope you will consider joining us as, communicating with others with similar interest, can make your passion much more enjoyable.

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How to Join the Scottish History Club and the Club Community Site

Scottish History Club

Please note the Club will reopen in Spring 2007, we are sorry about the inconvenience this may cause and the disappointment but we a revamping the whole system and adding a better forum and a more user friendly club website.

If you need further help or information contact us

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