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Letter Received from Agnes Shaylor

Coulard Bank


15 March 1988

Dear Colin,

Thank you for your letter. I have not a lot to say about Boyndie, I was not very long there and did not live on the camp. I cycled in every morning from Portsoy and I remember it was winter. I was a heavy transport driver and had a lot of work. Unfortunately the M.T. Officer was posted with me from Wick where I did a lot of heavy transport work, so it continued at Boyndie. It was not exciting collecting and taking laundry to Huntly, collecting bedding from Peterhead Prison, meeting all the trains and taking all the airmen back to stations, doing tours of all the radio stations between Portsoy and Ratray Head. A lot of things I have forgotten. Sometimes I accompanied Max Aitken to his look out post on Portsoy’s East Braes. I do not know what purpose it was built for. I was there when the Mosquito’s went after the "TIRPITZ", there were 100 planes when 1 counted on that sortie, and they all took off from Boyndie, but must have come from other stations; however I have just sent the "Airmail" to Mr Taylor. In this weeks issue there is a request for anyone stationed at Boyndie and who has any information, to write to Mr Taylor. I expect he will get lots of replies and you could get better information there. What I remember was the Sheriff Court at Banff was kept busy dealing with WAAF and RAF who were picked up nightly by Banff police and were always fined 10/ (5Op). There was a column of names in the "Banffie" every week. They were riding bikes without lights. It annoyed me, there was a war on and these people worked hard and the Bobbies rounded them up every night but that’s life! You can always write a letter to "Airmail" asking for information you need. It doesn’t cost anything. Put under the "Help" column. You have got time to write for the summer issue. The address is inside the front page of "Airmail" under the index. I don’t remember a lot about Boyndie. I enjoyed being there but I was awaiting overseas draft but that’s another story, anyway thanks for writing, and best wishes. Its nice to know that young people are taking some interest in what we old one’s did long ago.

Agnus Shaylor


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