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Rothiemay Castle, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Rothiemay Castle was once the home of the Gordon's of Rothiemay. At the turn of the 1900s however the Castle was owned by the Forbes Family until they sold it too a Dutchman in the 1950s. The castle was soon to run into disrepair during the time of his ownership and in 1961 Mrs Traquare (the former Daughter of Forbes) purchased it Back. On the advice of her surveyor the Castle was demolished by dynamite in 1963, but sometime later Mrs Traquare found that the survey showed inaccuracies and the Castle should not have been demolished. A house built by Mrs Traquare now stands on the site and incorporates some of the features salvaged from the Castles destruction, as does the Village Hall, with some figureheads, built into the wall and the Church of Scotland Building with a doorway and Arch in the south wall. The Picture below is one of the few remaining Photographs of Rothiemay Castle.

Picture Rothiemay Castle - Scotland

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Photograph Rothiemay Castle - Scotland