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A List of Scottish Battles by Region Including Dates & Other Information

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Other Information

    1487 .Aldicharrish  
    1585 .Allt_Camhna and Leckmelm  
    1542 .Alltan-Beath  
    1299 Bealach-na-Broige  
    1477 Blar-na-Pairc  
    0736 Calatros Picts v Scots
    1576 Dail-Riabhach  
    1031 Druim-a-Lea  
    1259 Embo  
    1513 .Flodden Scots defeat
    1555 Garbharry  
    1426 Lon-Harpasdal  
    1437 Ruaig-Shansaid  
    1517 Torran Dubh  
    1586 Altgawn Gunns and Mackays defeat Sinclairs of Caithness
    1586 Ardnary 86
    0596 Ardsendoin (Miathi) Aidan bt ?
    0746 Catho Welsh of Strathclyde bt Picts (Talorgan)
    1566 Chaseabout Raid Campbell revolt against Mary Q of Scots
    1493 Drumchatt Macdonald of Lochalsh defeated by Munros and Mackenzies
    0629 Faedhaeoin Rigullan bt Conadh Kerr
    1567 Farsetmore 75
    1307 Glen Trool The Bruce defeats the English
    1565 Glentaisie 72
    1650 Invercharron Montrose defeated by Strachan
    1565 Knockboy 71
    0973 Luncarty Kenneth III defeats the Danes
    1595 Revolt of the Northern Earls 108
    0642 Strathcarron Domnal Brecc of Dalriada
    1274-1332 Campaigns of Robert the Bruce In Scotland, England & Ireland
  St Johnstone 1341 Clachnaharry  
Angus 2m nw Brechin, 1452 (May) Hillhead, Earl of Huntly bt Earl of Crawford
Angus Arbroath 1445 Arbroath Lindsays bt Ogilvies
Angus Brechin 1130 Stracathro 1130 Inchbare

Stickatho/Stracathro 4m n Brechin, Angus

David I, King of Scotland bt Earl of Moray

Angus Brechin, 1130 Inchbare Stickatho/Stracathro 4m n Brechin,

David I, King of Scotland bt Earl of Moray

Angus Dromaderg Blathug/Blathmig 0729-30 Dromaderg Blathug/Blathmig Ungust (Angus) bt Drust (Druxst, King of Picts)
Angus Dundee 1651 (1 Sep) Dundee Gen Monck bt Locals
Angus Gasklune 1319 Gasklune Duncansons bt Walter Ogilvy
Angus/Kincardineshire   0600 Chirchind Picts bt Aidan
Argyll   1308 Brander  
Argyll 1m s Southend, Kintyre, 1647 Dunaverty Earl of Argyll (forces) bt Royalists
Argyll 3m n Tayinloan, Kintyre, 1647 (24 May) Rhunahaorine Point David Leslie bt Alasdair MacColl
Argyll Brander Pass 1308 Brander Pass Robert Bruce bt MacDougalls
Argyll Kintyre 0627 Ardacorain Conadh Kerr bt Fiachna MacDemain
Argyll Loch awe 0727 Irroisfoichnae Ross-Feochan / Selbach bt Eochach
Argyll Loch fyne 0621 Cindelgthen Conal MacSuibne bt Conaing
Argyll Poss. Allt a Mhullaich, 1m s Garvan, 1680 Altimorloch Campbells of Glenorchy bt Sinclairs
Ayr Dalry 1306 (13 Jul/11/23 Aug) Dalry John MacDougall of Argyll, Lord of Lorne bt Robert Bruce
Ayrs 1«m nw Tarbolton, 1307 Fail  
Ayrs 1«m sw Mauchline 1648 (12 Jun) Mauchline Moor Maj Gen John Middleton & Earl of Callender bt Anti-engagers
Ayrs 2m e Darvel, 1307 (10 May) Loudon Hill Robert Bruce bt Earl of Pembroke
Ayrs 2m e Darvell, 1296 Loudon Hill William Wallace bt English
Ayrs 4m ne Auchinleck, 1680 (20 Jul) Airds Moss Bruce of Earlshall bt David Hackston of Rathillet
Ayrs Ayr 0836 Ayr Britons bt Kenneth I, King of Scotland
Ayrs Ayr 1307 (13 May) Ayr Robert Bruce bt Ralph de Monthermet
Ayrs Largs 1263 (2 Oct) Largs Alexander III, King of Scotland (forces) bt Haakon IV, King of Norway
Ayrs Turnberry 1307 Turnberry Robert Bruce bt Earl of Pembroke
Borders   1640s Philiphaugh Covenanters massacre Montroses Irish veterans of the 30years war, amongst

Meadows on the banks of the Tweed

1645 (13 Sep) Philiphaugh

3m sw Selkirk, Selkirks

David Leslie bt Marquess of Montrose

Borders   1380 Solway Scots bt English
Borders 3m e Hawick 1514 Hornshole Local Youths bt Marauding English soldiers from Hexham
Borders Berwick, carlisle 1400 - 1700 The Border Reivers The lawless cattle thieves living on each side of the Scottish border
Borders Carlisle 1500s- The Western Border Rievers  
Borders Coldstream 1016 Coldstream  
Borders Darnick 1562 Skirmish Hill Clan Scott bt Clan Douglas
Borders Eskdale 1542 Solway moss English victory
Borders Jedburgh,Roxburgh 1317 (Mar/Sep?) Lintalee/Linthaughlee Sir James Douglas bt Earl of Arundel
Borders Langholm 1455 Erkinholm  
Borders Liddesdale 0603 Degsastan Bernicia defeats scots at Dawston
Borders Melrose 1545 .Ancrum moor Henry VIII of England’s raiding force defeated by a Scots force half its size, mainly

Douglases, Scotts and other Border families

Borders nr Coldstream 1316 (Feb) Skaithmuir Sir James Douglas bt Berwick Raiders
Borders Poss. Dawston in Liddesdale, 0603 Daegsenstan AEthelfrith, King of N'bria bt AEdan MacGabrain, King of Argylll
Borders Roxburgh 1313 Roxburgh Robert Bruce bt English
Borders Roxburgh 1347 Roxburgh English bt Scots
Borders Roxburgh 1355 Nisbet on Teviot Scots bt English
Borders Roxburgh 1460   Scots bt English
Borders Roxburgh/Northumberland border 1575 Carter Bar ("Raid of the Reidswire") Sir John Carmichael bt Sir John Forster
Borders se Coldstream 1512/3 Milfield Sir William Balfour bt Lord Home
Borders Teviotdale, Roxburgh 1542 (Aug) Hadden Rigg Earl of Huntly bt Sir Robert Bowes & Earl of Angus
Borders Tweed 1018 Carham Scots and strathclyders defeat the Northumbrians
Borders, west Lockerbie 1400+ Dryfe sands 400 Johnstone horse cut 2000 disordered Maxwells to pieces. The downward back-handed sword thrust by a horseman to the head of an enemy on foot is known as the Lockerbie lick.
Caithness   1438 Blar-Tannie  
Caithness   1588 Creach-lairn  
Caithness   1478 St. Tayre Keiths vs Gunns
Caithness   0977 Skida Moor Liotr bt Magbiodr
Caithness Dunnet 0742-3 Dunadd Oengus MacFergus bt Scots
Caithness Strathnever 1427 Strathnever Angus Dow bt Angus of Moray
Caithness Thurso 1612 Thurso  
Caithness Thurso 1040 Thurso Thorkell bt Modden
Caithness Thurso 1196 Thurso William I, King of Scotland destroyed the castle
Caithness Wick 1588 La-na-Creich-Moire  
Caithness Wick 1589 Day of the Great Spoil Sacking of the town by the Gordons
Caithness Wick 09?? Skidhamyrr


Two battles between Norsemen of Orkney & the Scots of Moray. Results &

Dates unknown

Caithness/Isles of Lewis & Skye   1262 Caithness/Isles of Lewis & Skye Haakon IV, King of Norway bt locals in a series of encounters
Clyde   1307 Loudon hill The Bruce defeats the English
East Lothian Cockburnspath 1400(Mar) Cockburnspath Eldest son of Earl of Douglas bt Henry Percy
Easter Ross s Spinningdale, 1650 (27 Apr) Carbisdale Col Strachan bt Marquess of Montrose
Easter Ross E   1650 Carbisdale Fought near a very picturesque modern castle, adapted as a youth hostel, and


Fife Brechin 1010 Brechin Scots bt Danes
Fife Crail 0877 Crail Danes bt Constantine II, King of Scotland
Fife Donibristle 1317/8 Donibristle Bishop of Dunkeld bt English
Fife Fordell 1315 Fordell William Sinclair, Bishop of Dunkeld bt English
Fife St Andrews 1547 (21 Jul) St Andrews Leo Strozzi bt "Castilians"
Fifes nr Inverkeithing 1651 Pitreavie Gen Lambert v David Leslie. Inconclusive
Galloway   1160 Galloway Malcolm IV, King of Scotland bt Fergus
Galloway   1235   Alexander I, King of Scotland bt Thomas of Galloway
Galloway Carlisle 0491 Celidon wood Arthur vs the Scots in the Upper Tweed Valley
Galloway Dumfries 1297 Sanquhar Sir Wm Douglas bt English
Galloway Dumfries 1297 Dalswinton 6m n Dumfries

William Wallace bt English

Galloway Dumfries 1297 (10 Aug) Lochmaben Henry Percy bt Scots
Galloway Dumfries 1307 (8 May) Sanquhar Sir James (The Black) Douglas bt English
Galloway Dumfries 1484 (22 Jul) Kirkconnel Locals bt Duke of Albany
Galloway Gretna/River Sark 1448 (23 Oct) Gretna/River Sark Hugh Douglas, Earl of Ormonde bt Earl of Northumberland
Galloway n Wigtown, 1307 (Mar/Apr) Glentrool Robert Bruce bt Earl of Pembroke
Galloway nr Newton Stewart, 1300 Cree Edward I bt Buchan, Comyn, & Umfreville
Galloway on R Esk s Langholm 1455 Arkinholm Earl of Angus bt Earl Douglas
Galloway Stranraer, 1307 (9 Feb) Loch Ryan Dugald Macdowell b Thomas & Alexander Bruce
Grampian   0600 Corinnie Picts bt Aidan
Grampian   1645 Alford*  
Grampian   1594 Glenlivat Rebellion of Huntly and Errol
Grampian   1307 Slioch  
Grampian 2m s Stonehaven 0950-4 Fetteresso


Moray men bt Malcolm I, King of Scotland
Grampian 2m se Huntly, Aberdeens 1307 (mid Nov) Huntly/Slioch Robert Bruce v Earl of Buchan (inconclusive)
Grampian 3m se Pitcaple, Aberdeens 1411 Pitcaple/Harlaw Alexander, Earl of Mar bt Donald MacDonald, Lord of the Isles
Grampian 5m n Banchory, 1562/5 (28 Oct) Corrichie Hill Earl of Moray bt Earl of Huntly
Grampian Aberdeen 1571 and 1572 Aberdeen Forbes and Gordons
Grampian Aberdeen 1411 Harlaw Lowlanders defeat Lord of the Isles

1411 Pitcaple/Harlaw

3m se Pitcaple, Aberdeens

Alexander, Earl of Mar bt Donald MacDonald, Lord of the Isles

Grampian Aberdeen 1308 Inverurie The Bruce defeats the English
Grampian Aberdeen 1639 (?) Brig o'Dee Earl of Montrose bt Marquis of Huntly
Grampian Aberdeen 1640s Alford English civil war; Montrose
Grampian Aberdeens 1057 Lumphanan Malcolm Canmore, later Malcolm III bt MacBeth, King of Scotland
Grampian Aberdeens 1664 (28 Oct) Fyvie Earl of Montrose bt Earl of Argyll
Grampian Aboyne 1010 Mortlach Malcolm II, King of Scotland bt Danes; Poss. Mortlich 2m n Aboyne, Aberdeens
Grampian Arbroath 0685 Nechtanesmere Northumbrian King Bruder defeats the Pictish King Nechtan

at Dunnichen Moss nr Latham

Grampian Dunblane 1715 Sherriffmuir 1715 (13 Nov)

2m nw Dunblane, Perths

Duke of Argyll bt Earl of Mar in an indecisive battle that put an

End to the second Jacobite rebellion

Grampian Inverurie 0084 Mons graupius Romans defeat Picts on Bennachie mountain
Grampian n Stonehaven, Kincardines 1639 (15 Jun) Megray Hill Covenanters bt Col William Gunn
Grampian ne Inverurie/sw Old Meldrum, Aberdeens 1307 (24 Dec) Barra Hill Robert Bruce bt Earl of Buchan
Grampian nr Kildrummy, Aberdeens 1335 (30 Nov) Kilblene Sir Andrew Moray bt Earl of Atholl
Grampian Perth 1332 Dupplin Moor Scots under Mar attacked archers and men at arms under Balliol and were defeated (9 Aug)
Grampian Perth 1396 Battle of the Clans Judicial combat twixt 30 men each from 2 clans
Grampian Perth 1057 Dunsinane Hill ("Seven Sleepers") Earl Siward bt MacBeth, King of Scotland,

At Confluence of Rivers Earn & Tay se Perth

Grampian Peterhead 1010 Slains Castle Scots bt Danes sw Peterhead, Aberdeens
Grampian Strathbogie, Aberdee 1058 Essie Malcolm Canmore bt Lulach to become Malcolm III, King of Scotland
Grampian The Mearns 0752 Strath in The Mearns Between Picts
Grampian Turriff 1639 (14 Feb) Turriff Marquis of Huntly v Covenanters. Inconclusive
Grampian Turriff 1639 (14 May) ("The Trot of Turriff") Lt Col William Johnston, Sir George Ogilvy & Sir John Gordon bt


Grampian w Aberdeen 1644 (13 Sep)) Justice Mills Marquess of Montrose bt Lord Balfour of Burleigh
Great Glen   1544 Blar-na-Leine [Field of the Shirts] Clanranald destroys the Frasers of Lovat, at the head of Loch Lochy
Great Glen   1431 Inverlochy Lord of the Isles bt King James of Scotland
Great glen   1645 Inverlochy Montroses Mc Donald clansmen descended the hills of the Great Glen in fury

Upon the Campbells their ancient enemy; Montrose

Hebrides   0869 Barra Vikings defeat Irish fleet
Hebrides   1261   Earl of Ross bt Norse
Hebrides, Inner Ardnamurchan 1518 Creag-an-Airgid Macdonalds bt Maciains
Hebrides, Inner Islay 1598 Loch-Gruinart  
Hebrides, inner Islay 1598 Ben Bigrie Macleans defeat Macdonalds
Hebrides, inner Islay 1598 Loch Gruinart Macdonalds charge downhill to defeat Macleans
Hebrides, Inner Isle of Islay 1156 (6 Jan) Isle of Islay Somerled, Lord of the Isles bt Danes
Hebrides, Inner Isle of Kerrera 1249   ? bt Alexander II, King of Scotland
Hebrides, Inner Isle of Tiree 1190 Cornaigmore ("Battle of the Sheaves") Danes bt Locals
Hebrides, Inner Jura 0578 Jura Scots vs British?
Hebrides, inner Kintyre 0573 Lora Duncath MacConail MacCongail defeated
Hebrides, inner Mull 1653 Cromwells expedition vs the Macleans  
Hebrides, inner Mull, islay and jura 1586 Mull, islay and jura Macleans v Macdonalds
Hebrides, inner Skye 1322 Broadford Frasers v Macleods
Hebrides, Inner Skye 1601 Coire na Creiche Macdonalds bt Macleods on the slopes of the Cuillin overlooking Glen Brittle
Hebrides, inner Skye 1515? Glendale Macleods unfurl the Fairy Flag to defeat the Macdonalds at Loch Pooltiel,

where the Glendale river meets the sea

Hebrides, Inner Skye 1601 Benquihillin MacDonalds bt MacLeods
Hebrides, Inner Skye 188? Battle of the Braes Glasgow police evicting crofters - the last battle on British soil
Hebrides, inner Tobermory 1483 Bloody Bay Clanranald and Clan Donald beat the Lord of the Isles
Hebrides, outer   1601 Ben-a-Chuilinn  
Hebrides, outer Lewis 1599 Troubles  
Hebrides, outer North uist 1601 Carinish Donald MacDonald of Eriskay bt MacLeods
Hebrides, outer Raasay 1610 Gairloch  
Highlands   17?? Glenshiel Highlanders and 300 Spaniards fought indecisve engagement with Gen Wightman from

Inverness; shortly after gave up the ‘Little Rising’ because of lack of support

Highlands, west Morar 1601-2 Mackenzies v Clan Donald  
Lennox   0490 Glen R Arthur [possible site]
Lothian   1666 Rullion Green Covenanter defeat
Lothian   0492 Gunnion fort Arthur lures the saxons of Bernicia from the fort and rides them down in the open
Lothian Dunbar 174? Prestonpans Highlanders outmanouevre and defeat the English
Lothian Edinburgh 1296 Dunbar English defeat the scots
Lothian Edinburgh 1650 Dunbar Cromwell
Lothian Edinburgh 0638 Glenmairison

nr Mureston Water

Angles bt Domnall Brec Aedan
Lothian Edinburgh 0596 Ratho 8m wsw Edinburgh

Aidan bt ?

Lothian Edinburgh 1313 Edinburgh Robert Bruce bt English
Lothian Edinburgh 1515 ("Cleanse the Causeway") Earl of Angus bt Sir Patrick Hamilton
Lothian Edinburgh 1520 Edinburgh Douglas bt Earl of Arran
Lothian Edinburgh 1650 (19 Jul)   David Leslie bt Oliver Cromwell
Lothian Edinburgh, 1335 Borough Muir Earl of Moray bt Guy, Count of Namur
Lothian Linlithgow 1311 Linlithgow Robert Bruce bt English
Lothian Musselburgh 1547 Pinkie Somerset destroys the Scots at Pinkie Cleugh, with the aid of a naval bombardment.
Lothian Musselburgh 1567 Carberry hill 1567 (15 Jun) Carberry Hill

s Musselburgh, E Lothian

Earl of Moray bt Earl of Bothwell

Lothian s Edinburgh 1303 (24 Feb) Roslin John Comyn & Simon Fraser bt John Segrove & Ralph de Manton
Lothian W Lauder, 1304 (Feb) Happrew Edward I bt William Wallace
Moray   1014 Mortlach Malcolm II defeats the Danes
Moray   1562 Corrichie Stewarts of Moray bt Gordons
Moray   1215   Farquhar MacTaggart bt Donald Ban MacWilliam & Kenneth MacHeth
Moray Auldearn 1640s Auldearn English civil war; Montrose
Moray Banff 0953 "Bloody Pots"

nr Gamrie

Locals bt Danes
Moray Banffs?? 0728 Caislen Crathi Nechtan bt Alpin
Moray Buchan 1010 Buchan Scots bt Danes
Moray Camuston 1010 Camuston Poss. Camus Stone at Inverugie, 1m s Hopeman, Moray

Malcolm II, King of Scotland bt Danes (Camus)

Moray Cromdale 1690 (1 May) Cromdale Sir Thomas Livingstone bt Buchan
Moray Cullen 0961 Cullen Indulf, King of Scotland bt Danes
Moray Elgin 1040 Elgin MacBeth bt Duncan I to become King of Scotland
Moray Forres 0967 Forres Cullen bt Dubh (Duffus) to become King of Scotland
Moray Forres 1008 Forres Swein bt Malcolm II, King of Scotland
Moray Glenlivet 1594 Glenlivet Earl of Huntly bt Earl of Argyll
Moray Inverness 1745 Culloden Highlanders outnumbered and exhausted by night manouevres.

mown down in illconsidered charge enticed by cannon fire. Bonnie Prince Charlie

fails to lead from the front at a crucial time in the battle.

Moray Rogart 1517 Torran Dubh Earl of Moray vs the Mackays of Strathnaver
Moray Speyside 0729-30 Monticarno

nr Loch Inch

Ungust (Angus) bt Nethan
Moray Speyside, 1187 (31 Jul) Mamgarvia Moor William I, King of Scotland bt Donald ban MacWilliam
Northumberland Norham 1513 (28 Aug) Norham James IV, King of Scotland bt English
Perths (Strathearn) 0904 Forteviot Constantine III, King of Scotland bt Danes sw Perth
Perths 2m nw Blairgowrie 1392 (Aug) Glasclune Alexander Stewart of Badenoch bt ?
Perths 6m nw Perth, 1306 (June) Methven Park Earl of Pembroke bt Robert Bruce
Perths Dalnaspidal 1655 Dalnaspidal Gen Monck bt Glencairn
Perths Dunkeld 0903 Dunkeld Danes bt Constantine III, King of Scotland
Perths Dunkeld 1645 (28 Jul) Dunkeld Marquess of Montrose bt Gen Baillie
Perths Glenfalloch 0717 Minvircc Scots bt Strathclyde Britons
Perths Moncrieffe 0727-9 Monacrib/Crei Ungust (Angus) bt Elpin (Alpin)
Perths Perth 1306 Methven  
Perths Perth 1057 Dunsinane Hill ("Seven Sleepers") Confluence of Rivers Earn & Tay se Perth,

Earl Siward bt MacBeth, King of Scotland

Perths Perth 1689 Killiecrankie (27 Jul) Killicrankie

the Jacobite John Graham, Viscount Dundee bt Maj Gen Hugh MacKay with a dashing Highland charge, but casualties were heavy and he did not follow up the victory.

Perths Perth 1057 Lumphanan Malcolm canmore defeats Macbeth
Perths Perth 0997 Rathinveramon


at mouth of R Almond Kenneth III bt Constantine IV to become King of Scotland
Perths Perth 1600 Gowrie House James VI, King of Scotland bt Earl of Gowrie
Perths Scone 0904 Scone Constantine II, King of Scotland bt Danes
Perths Strathearn 1004/ 5 Monnivaird/Monzievaird Malcolm II bt Kenneth III to become King of Scotland
Perths Strathearn 0965 Drumcrob Dubh (Duffus), King of Scotland bt Cuilean
Perthshire Dunkeld 0635 Seguise


Garnait bt Family of Nectan
Ross   1597 Lagavraid  
Stirling   1314 Bannockburn (23 Jun) 2m s Stirling; Robert Bruce bt Edward II
Stirling   1297 Stirling bridge*  
Stirling Stirling 1488 Sauchieburn 1488 (11 Jun) Sauchieburn

s Stirling, Stirlings

James, Duke of Rothesay bt James III, King of Scotland

Stirlings   1746 Falkirk  
Stirlings Strathcarron 0642 R. Carron Owain of Strathclyde bt Domnall Brec Aedan
Stirlings Between Haefe & Caere 0710 Between Haefe & Caere Beorhtfrith bt Picts Between R. Avon, Linlithgow, W Lothian & R Carron, Stirlings
Stirlings Between Stirling & Forth, 1488 Talla Moss (Rout of) Locals bt Earl of Lennox
Stirlings Callander 0634 Calathros Oswald, King of N'bria bt Domnall Brec Aedan
Stirlings Inversnaid 0711 Loch Arklet Scots bt Strathclyde Britons
Strathclyde   1263 Largs Norwegians driven off
Strathclyde   1645 Kilsyth English civil war; Montrose
Strathclyde Alcluith 0756 Alcluith Eadberht, King of N'bria & Angus, King of Picts bt Britons of Strathclyde
Strathclyde Between Renfrew & Paisley, 1164 The Knock ("Bloody Mire") Walter Fitz Alan bt Somerled, Lord of the Isles
Strathclyde Douglas 1010 St Bride Malcolm II, King of Scotland bt Danes
Strathclyde Dumbarton 0870 Dumbarton Dubliners defeat Strathclyders and destroy their capital
Strathclyde Dumbarton 1424 Dumbarton Lord James Stewart bt James I, King of Scotland (forces)
Strathclyde Dumbarton 0744 Mugdock Angus beat Prince Talorgen of the Picts
Strathclyde Finglen 0719 Finglen Selbach bt Ainbhceallach
Strathclyde Glasgow 1679 Bothwell bridge After Drumclog, Monmouth puts down the covenant rebellion
Strathclyde Glasgow 1679 Drumclog Covenanters defeat the govt
Strathclyde Glasgow 1568 Langside Mary Queen of Scots defeated by the Earl of Moray, who

Has ten times as many troops. South of Glasgow

Strathclyde Glenfruin 1603 (Feb) Glenfruin Alasdair MacGregor of Glenstrae bt Colquhoun of Luss
Strathclyde Lennox 1603   MacGregors bt Buchanans
Strathclyde Paisley Forest 1307 (14 Sep) Paisley Forest English bt Scots
Strathclyde Dunbartons Mugdock 0744 Mugdock Angus bt Britons
Strathearn   1640s Tippermuir English civil war; Montrose
Sutherland   1579 Durness Septs of the Mackay clan fight each other
Sutherland   0590 Leithreid Aidans victory
Sutherland     Skibo and Strathfleet  
Sutherland   1406 Tuiteam-Tarbhach  
Sutherland/Ross River Oykell 1196 River Oykell William I, King of Scotland bt Earl Harold
W ross   1491 Blar-na-Pairce Mackenzies defeat Macdonalds
W Ross   1480 Lagebread Angus Ross bt MacKenzies
W ross   1487 Aldy-Charrish MacKays bt Rosses

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