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How to Link

Instructions on how to link to Scottish History Online with, banner script information.

"Scottish History Online" encourages reciprocal links as a way to give visitors the chance to visit sites of similar interests or content. There are two ways to link, either a simple URL link, or a banner exchange, a simple URL link should use the site name " 'Scottish History Online' and use the site address

For a reciprocal banner link, please cut and paste the banner at the foot of the page, and use the site address  for the link (you may however reduce the banner in size to suit your own site). Or if you prefer, click on banner to pick up HTML code. Your Banner and/or site name along with your URL and e-mail address should be e-mailed to (see contacts page) as a way of insuring a correct link or banner to "Scottish History Online".

For Clans, Clan Societies, Clubs and Scottish Societies etc,  we also have a reciprocal link procedure but ‘banner only’. The banner for the Scottish History Clan/Clan societies pages can also be found at the foot of the page.

I will not except reciprocal links to pages that are not of similar interest or content. This does not mean that a link with other sites of historical information, prehistoric, archaeological interests etc, from other countries that do not have a specific interest in Scotland would not be accepted. It must be noted that links will be checked on web sites that link to us. For any further information please contact SHO.

John Duncan

Scottish History Online

Banners that can be used for a Banner exchange to Scottish History Online The banners can be adjusted in size to suit individual web Sites.

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