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Walter Cook Photographer 1851 - 1924

On doing some research on the history of Alvah near Banff we were surprised to find information on Walter Cook formerly of Muiryhill Farm. Wattie as many in the area knew him, was a tenant farmer with a passion for photography that started to record with his images a living history of life around Banffshire in the late 1800s and early 1900s.It is believed that he later because of his disability of having a club foot and perhaps the chance to turn his hobby into an almost full time occupation, opened a studio in Bridge Street, Banff. Alexander his youngest son took over the running of the farm with help from his sisters and older brothers.

It is with thanks to Dennis Cook (no relation) of Easter Culbuechly Farm Banff whos father bought the farm from Forglen Estates in 1966 that we have the very few photographs left of Watties work. With only a handful remaining of the hundreds of Glass photographic plates that were found at Muiryhill Farm in the generator house. The rest went missing around 1966/67 and their whereabouts for the present, are unknown.We also must thank Harold Cook (Aberdeen) Grandson of Walter Cook and Ethne Smith nee Cook (Inverness) Great Grand Daughter of Watties for further information and family photographs.

Scottish History Online Searches for more Information

There must be more of Walters work out there and more information and photographs of his wonderful work and for this reason we have listed some of the details we would like to find out from our visitors.

  1. Where are the missing glass photographic plates now and does anyone have any further information on them?

  2. Does anyone have photographs or further information on his studio in Bridge Street, Banff?

  3. Their must be other photographs of Watties that people have in their possession could you add to this collection perhaps some marked W. Cook Banff?

  4. Can you identify any of the people or places in the plates that we already have?

If you can help with further information on Walter Cook or other photographs of the area Alvah and Banff  please contact Scottish History Online.

Walter Cook (Wattie) Photographer 1900
W. Cook Photographer

The Cook Children 1919

The Cook Children

Walter Cook and Family 1900
Walter Cook & Family

The Photographs of Walter Cook, Muiryhill, Alvah, Banff

The Cook Photographs

The Cook Family Tree

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Images of Walter Cook the Photographer Banff - Aberdeenshire