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an 18th century military road in the scottish highlands and 3 of its bridges

Landowner: The estate is Candacraig who were most supportive of the project.

The design team: comprised
architects - The Morrison Partnership - 'edin@themorrisonpartnership.co.uk'
engineers - Peter Stephen & Partners -aspenconsult.co.uk now part of The Waterman Group
advisors and part funders, Historic Scotland www.historic-scotland.gov.uk
The Scottish Lime Centre www.scotlime.org

Other funding Partners
Heritage Lottery Fund - http://www.hlf.org.uk/
European Union ERDF 5b Fund with the assistance from Aberdeenshire Council
Landfill Tax Credits through McIntosh Plant - www.entrust.org.uk

Main Contractors
Ian Cumming - www.cummingltd.com
Alastair Urquhart

Other Acknowledgements
The late Gordon Enterprise Trust and current Enterprise North East Trust - www.enetrust.com,
Acknowledgement also to Sandy Anton of Scottish Rights of Way Society www.scotways.com and Bill Marshall.

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The Lonach Hall
The Lonach Highland and Friendly Society

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Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland
Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network, subscription required for full use of the site- SCRAN
A huge geographic gazeteer of Scotland- www.geo.ed.ac.uk/scotgaz/gaztitle.html
National Trust for Scotland
www.caledonia-net.co.uk Scottish history site
Aberdeen and Grampian Highlands Tourist Board
The Official Scottish Tourist website

Allargue Arms Hotel
Colquhonnie Hotel
No 3 Candacraig Square bed and breakfast.

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Goodbrand Knitwear Corgarff- buy a beautiful Scottish souvenir from our wide selection of tartan goods, clothing, gifts, crafts and jewellery for sale online.- www.highlandtradingpost.co.uk
mail- Mail@highlandtradingpost.co.uk
Wedding organizers-Candacraig Weddings

Skiing and Recreation
The Lecht
Bigfoot Adventures outdoor and development training centre.

Highland Cattle and Beef
Highland Cattle Society

Synopsis of Work Undertaken

Allt Damh Bridge (northernmost) was stabilised only, and work done to protect the abutment on the south side from flood damage when the burn was/is in spate. Previously much of the stone work of the bridge had been re-used elsewhere!

Delavine Bridge was damaged by undermining of the north east section of the footings with the burn migrating. The bridge was largely intact, and was jacked back into place, new footings and roadway replacing the damaged section. The rest of the bridge was stabilised with the original cobble surface recovered with turves to protect the surface and the bridge from too much water percolation.

Tornahaish Bridge was the best preserved, with the bridge still taking vehicular traffic before the start of the project! A new ford was established, and boulders to prevent vehicle movements. The bridge surfaces were repointed, and should now be stabilised for another century of so.

Project management by Gordon Enterprise Trust and Enterprise North East Trust who undertake a wide range of tourism and community projects at the behest of local groups.

Web Site text- by Drennan Watson
Web Site design- by David Watson Hood
Delavine Technical Paper "The Consolidation of an 18th Century Masonry Arch Bridge on The Old Military Road at Corgarff, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK." - by John D. Addison, Peter Stephen & Partners and Daniela Dobrescu-Parr, The Morrison Partnership.next

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