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Articles of Constitution and Bylaws

The Scottish History Club

Article I Name & Headquarters

(1) The name of the Organisation will be The Scottish History Club, which may also be known as the SHC.

(2) The Scottish History Club (SHC), was originally founded on the 22nd of August 2001 by Scottish History Online (SHO).

(3) The Club’s Headquarters in the interim are:

a.      In Scotland:

Sketraw of Muiryhill, Alvah, Banff, Aberdeenshire, AB45 3DA Scotland

b.      In North America:

1467 East Washita, Springfield, Missouri, 65804-2331, United States of America.


 Article II  Purpose of the Club

(1) To enhance and further the knowledge of Scottish History Internationally through the use of the World Wide Web as part of the SHC remit.

(2) SHC will provide a forum(s) for its members to debate articles on Scottish History, theories and research and to help members and historians with historical study.

(3) To promote the study of Scottish History by encouraging research, good teaching, publication, and the exchange of learning and ideas among its Members and Historians.

(4) To explore ways to increase our awareness of diverse resources appertaining to Scottish History.

(5) To develop resources for use by all Scottish History Club members.

(6) SHC will develop a Club Website for transportation of ideas and publication of articles, which will be a password protected area for the use of SHC Members only.

(7) To contribute towards understanding among people by fostering international friendship through the joint interest of Scottish History.

(8) The Club is a non-profit organisation. Any profits which may accrue as a result of activities and which are not used to promote the further activities of the SHC will be accounted for. This will be used to join other associations, clubs and organisations to enhance the Clubs research capabilities. Failing this and or that of the Club becoming dissolvent, any moneys held shall be donated to a charitable cause.

(9) The SHC has no political, ideological or racial bias.

(10) The SHC will provide members with a periodic ‘newsletter’ of activities and proposed activities or changes to the Club Constitution and Bylaws. Other information from members or committee members my also be included in the ‘newsletter’.  

(11) The SHC is a Scottish History Club for discussions on events and research into matters appertaining to Scottish History and is not applicable to those trying to trace their family origins or Genealogical research.


Article III Membership

(1)   The SHC has three types of membership access.

a.  Club Website. Members joining the SHC website must supply the following details:  Name, Town, County/State, Country and a valid e-mail address for contact and a short description of area of Historical Interest. Members will be listed on the Club members page within the website.

b.  Club Community 1 and 2. Members joining the SHC community forums are obliged to fill out the their profile to that  of  ‘Article III (1) a.’ Members names will be shown in the Club Community forum members joining the forum should not de-select the e-mailing feature within the community site.

(2) Although It is not mandatory for Members to join both Website and Community forums, members are requested to join the Club Website and one of the Community Forums for maximum enjoyment and interaction with fellow members.

(3) Members shall have the right to call into question or to veto, by majority vote, any policy or action initiated by the Club Committee or any officer. Any officer may be impeached by a two-thirds vote of the members voting by proxy or at any meeting virtual or otherwise.

(4) Members may freely display the ‘Club Members logo’ on any documentation or in any electronic format providing a link back to SHC where possible.


Article IV Membership Termination

(1) SHC Members are required to notify the Club Membership Convenor or failing that, any other committee member by e-mail of there wish to end their association with the SHC.

(2)   Prolonged times of inactivity within the Club Website and Community forums.

a. Members who do not log into the club for more than 100 days will be deemed ‘not interested’ and removed from the club website and Community forum and their membership de-activated.

b. Exceptions to this should be made by notification by e-mail to the SHC membership convenor. Making him aware of any situation that prevents the action of ‘Article IV (2) a.’

(3) Members are requested to notify the SHC membership convenor by e-mail of any change in their circumstances outlined in ‘Article III (1) a. & b. Failing to do this could result in membership termination.

(4)   Members have the right to call into question any decision to remove a Club Member see ‘Article III (3)’


Article V Membership Fees & Charges

(1)   At present there are no membership fees.

(2) The SHC does however request members to donate when possible money to the Club for the advancement of facilities within and the continuation of the SHC and the payment of any SHC expenses see ‘Article II (8)’

(3) It may be that SHC will levy a charge to ‘non-members’ and organisations that request information to try and raise funds for the Club. Or for that matter charge for those who require SHC members to partake in research on there, or on an organisations behalf. All monies raised in this way will be used as outlined in ‘Article II (8)’

(4) The SHC Committee reserve the right to act on the behalf of the Club to change Fees & Charges for the good of the Club and in order to sustain the Clubs longactivity. Members however can still lodge an appeal of any fees or charges by ‘Article III (3)’

(5) SHC will endeavour to procure ‘sponsorship’ to help defer the introduction of fees and charges but will not encourage the use of banner advertisements within any of its Websites.


Article VI SHC Committee Members & Officials

(1) A Committee of 9 Elected Committee Members will be elected and shall include a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and Membership Convenor. Elected Committee Members shall service a term of one year in office except for officers chosen by special election to serve out an un-expired term of office resulting from resignation, incapacity or death of the officeholder. Committee Members may be re-elected to office. These elected officers shall comprise the SHC Committee, which shall be responsible for implementing the SHC policy and carrying out ordinary business of the club.

(2) The President shall preside at general meetings and at meetings of the Club Committee and shall serve as chief spokesperson for the club.

(3) The Vice-Chairman shall preside in the absence of the President and shall succeed to the office of President in the event of the President’s resignation, permanent incapacity, or death. Duties shall also include notifying all members of meetings. Among other duties of the Vice-President this will also include the administration of North American Committee Members.

(4) The Secretary shall keep minutes at all meetings, and be in charge of handling the club’s general correspondence. The Secretary must be a History major.

(5) The particular duties to be carried out by the individual Committee Members of the Club Committee shall be determined by the Committee, which shall assign such duties with due regard for an understanding of the particular abilities and experiences of each Committee Members as well as for the current needs of the SHC and its membership. Any officer’s duties may, with the approval of the Club Committee, be delegated to another elected or appointed officer, a committee chairperson, or any club member.

(6) Elections by proxy or e-mail shall be held within the first six weeks of the Spring. A minimum of one week’s notice of the election meeting shall be provided to the membership verbally, by mail including e-mail), and/or by conspicuous posting. Officers shall be elected by a majority vote of members by e-mail or by proxy. If no candidate receives a majority of votes, runoff elections will be held at the same election meeting. Club Committee Members elected shall assume office at the end of the election meeting.


ArticleVII Amendments to the Constitution

(1)   Any member can originate amendments to the constitution

(2) The proposed amendment must be given in written form to each Club Committee Member through e-mail or a meeting at least one meeting before the meeting where it is voted on. The proposed amendment must be posted by the Committee, either on the SHC Community Site or The Club Members Website or on both.

(3) The proposed amendment must be approved by e-mail to the Committee to establish a vote simple majority of the membership.This may involve waiting until a following meeting in which a sufficient number of members are present or vote tallied in email.


This Articles of Constitution and Bylaws were adopted as on the 7th May 2006